Capsule Reviews: Week 34 / 2020


La casa del fin de los tiempos

Alejandro Hidalgo

2013 | Venezuela | 101m
Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

A pretty terrible attempt at a time-traveling mystery and horror film. The early mystery/horror parts are effective enough to intrigue you, but then as soon as things start to get explained and resolved all interest is lost. It is very predictable which would be fine if the story was interesting and the reveals were done in a clever way, but they’re not and it has too much exposition and it loses steam quickly. It’s insanely melodramatic, with an awful score, which ends up making most of it a bit of an eye-roll. The age make-up is also distracting and weird. This is apparently Venezuela’s first horror film which is the only thing of interest here.


Bo Mikkelsen

2015 | Denmark | 85m
Horror, Thriller

A film focusing on a family quarantined while a zombie-flu ravages the town seemed like a good option to watch during a pandemic. Unfortunately, this isn’t a film that’s a good option to watch any time. There are some interesting threads early on, but it ends up being a really dull zombie film without a lot of zombie-action. Zombie films where the main focus is on the people are much more interesting to me in general, but the zombies/illness are completely under-used here, and the characters aren’t interesting. The family isn’t particularly complex and the biggest issue is that the teenage boy is perving on the girl next door and she finds it adorable so he sneaks off with her: could not have cared less about these people and we’re stuck with them for the whole time. The title ‘What We Become’ also suggests some difficult personal challenges for the characters to face which never really happens.

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