I’m 29, live in Western Australia and love film. I started getting seriously into film when I was 14 and it’s a love that has continued to this day. I have a Bachelor in Screen Arts and am currently doing a Master’s in Professional Writing & Publishing. I am also the creator of They Shoot Zombies, Don’t They?. This is a place for me to ramble about film and other things to no-one in particular.


All ratings system generally follow the same principles, but here’s an explanation anyway:

1 – Complete trash. Causes actual pain to watch (gives me a stomach ache).
2 – The same as a 1, except with minor redeeming elements.
3 – The same as a 2, with slightly more redeeming elements.
4 – Bad, poor, boring, flat. Aggravates me, but doesn’t quite cause pain.
5 – Totally unmoved whatsoever. Equal amount of good and bad elements, mediocre experience.
6 – Enjoyable, good, decent, well-made, but does not connect with me.
7 – Very good or even great, solid filmmaking, intrigues me, connects me with slightly but not fully. Often splits here between very good films that aren’t favourites, and great films that are favourites but failed to engage me emotionally.
8 – Great, wonderful experience, strongly connects with me.
9 – Only given to films after rewatching. The same as an 8, but has been elevated on a rewatch. Something that has a very strong reaction and engages me nearly completely but has minor flaws.
10 – Only given to films after rewatching. The same as a 9, but is entirely engaging and has no real flaws (in terms of my experience with it).


Eventually I will replace this text with cute icons. For now, I can be found: